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Making difference to better lives.

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who am I

Native of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Son of parents who never quit giving the best to their children.
An ordinary man doing ordinary things for extraordinary results to achieve success empowerment.
Telling stories about myself walking through struggles towards success and making difference to better lives.

what I do


Digital Marketing is undeniable the next BIG thing.
It is changing how brands and businesses are being promoted and advertised.
Part of this website is about my learning in the sea of digital marketing as I am building my online business.

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Paintball – the most extreme sport in the World.
Spent my 20s from playing tournament paintball, to working for reputable paintball brands, to having my paintball proshop, AGL Paintball.
A sport that taught me discipline, passion, perseverance, all the positive mindset and eventually shaped the person who I am today.

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